Sienna Miller is into bathroom sex

Sienna Miller @ Montblanc

Sienna Miller showed up at the Montblanc/UNICEF dinner in Hollywood and had a quickie with a “short, straggly haired gent” in the men’s bathroom. Because why wouldn’t she? Asking why she did that is like asking why the sky is blue or why rainbows are pretty or why she asked the guy to stuff her panties in her mouth.

  • fred

    I’d nail her in a port-o-john.

  • angie

    I bet she smells like a port-o-john.

  • Only if you don’t spray her with Febreze beforehand.

  • short,straggly haired gent

    it was awesome!!

  • Princessroyal

    Is Miller the type of person you would PAY to represent a world renown childrens organization, for an important charity event? Hell no! What were they thinking?

    Montblanc and UNICEF must be so proud of Miller!!!!!!!

  • capt. cornhole

    She’s got a well used cornhole that sags down like a streched out slinky.

  • cirque

    She must have craved or needed her daily fix (her gown alone was an invitation for a quickie; remember she does not believe in monogamy) or she received a message from Getty and thought using the men’s restroom was safe or she was too drunk to notice the men’s restroom sign.

  • cowbulls

    Sienna Miller no. Marisa Miller hell yes.

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