South Carolina may file criminal charges against Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps and a bong

Michael Phelps should have tried harder to get that photo of him hitting a bong off the market because no authorities in South Carolina are considering a criminal charge against him. No specific charge has been mentioned, but Lt. Chris Cowan said Richland County sheriffs are investigating the photo taken during a November house party.

South Carolina police must have a lot of time on their hands to be looking into this. They must have run out of rapists and murderers to apprehend so now they have to devote their efforts to college kids smoking pot. What a valuable use of police resources. Maybe later they can hunt down children running lemonade stands and fine them for not having proper permits and licenses.

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so he smokes a lil weed soo what

Deron Lillard

Good luck getting that to stick. You can’t prove he was smoking weed from a picture. Have fun with that…


This sheriff must be smokin some weed himself if he thinks that he can charge this guy!!


Wow! So it’s ok for “starlets” (who do nothing exept shop) to drink underage, slut around, do drugs, drive w/o a licence, but they’ll punish one of the most talented/hard working young people in America for this?

correction, he’s not a college kid, he’s a multiple gold medal olympic champion college kid. little by little, drop by drop they will squeeze every medal off his neck. if nothing else its grounds to investigate if there was any use while there. the photo itself is meaningless, but i see this kind of “journalism” as a set of keys you shake at a baby or a dog to keeps its attention away from the hand coming in around the other side. whats the point of even making your country first in the world when you can’t even get away… Read more »

LOL go ahead and charge him and take it to trial and hey, in testimony everybody says he just had good o’ American tobacco in there and he was supporting the local industry LOL a bunch of inbred witless south carolina cops at it again

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