Subway to drop Phelps

Michael Phelps and a bong

Michael Phelps’ troubles aren’t even close to being over. Subway has begun purging any reference to Phelps from their website in advance of publicly dropping the Olympian’s sponsorship, a deal which was made not too long ago at the end of November.

Sources tell Buzzroom that Subway is pissed off and are discussing legal and monetary ramifications. In short, they want to “get rid of this embarrassment.”

Phelps is still high so he probably doesn’t even know what’s going on. Here. I’ll put it in terms he understands. Without corporate sponsorships, you will have no money. Without money, you will have no pot. Without either weed or money, you will be nothing but a goofy face. Hence, you will not get laid. Wait. Did you hear that? It sounded like someone was screaming, “Noooooo!”

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Wow. This is the stupidest thing EVER. When was the last time a 23-year-old took a hit and anyone was surprised about it? He became famous for being a great swimmer and – guess what? – after smoking pot, he is STILL an amazing swimmer! I know he is a public role model and he should have been more careful about it, but I really hope that everyone doesn’t shun him forver for this one photo.
If him smoking really offends you, I think you need to go take a couple hits yourself. And take the stick out of your ass.


phelps wasn’t too smart about this. executives at kellogg and subway probably have way more dirty laundry than this. they probably even smoke pot on the weekends. BUT they’re smart enough to hide it. how is phelps gonna make money now? swimming?? i think not..


I am HAPPY they dropped his endorsement. I am tired of people making excuses about him being young and “everyone does weed.” No, not everyone does and its illegal, in case people forgot.

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