Terrence Howard is confused

Hollywood.TV asked Terrence Howard his thoughts on the Rihanna / Chris Brown situation outside of Mr. Chow a couple of days ago.

Terrence, talking out of his ass, said: “It’s just life, man. Chris is a great guy, man. He’ll be all right. Rihanna knows he loves her. He’ll be alright. Because everybody gotta get out of their way.”

Yea, Chris Brown just expresses his love in different ways. Other people hug. Chris pretends he’s playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

Terrence later wanted to retract his statement. He told E! that he had no idea what happened between Chris and Rihanna when they asked him that.

“When they asked me about Chris Brown the other day, I was in no way aware of what he had been accused of,” Howard said in a statement. “Had I known, I would have never had said something so insensitive.”

Terrence will be surprised to learn that… NO TAKE BACKS! Sucka!

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