This could be bad and time wasters

Amazing. Michael Cera plays the same character even in olden times.

  • Celebslam: Colin Farrell is tapping this ass
  • CoEd: How to watch net porn and not get caught
  • Dlisted: Don’t let Amy Winehouse near this. She’ll try to snort it
  • CityRag: Charlize Theron eye opener
  • CS: Even Elton’s John’s iPods are flaming
  • SOW: Morrissey found a new way to spin his records
  • IDLYITW: Nicole Kidman looks cold
  • Mr. Skin: Marisa Tomei looks for the next line to cross
  • FHM: Kristen Bell topless in Fan Boys?
  • Popoholic: Megan Fox really loves those tight jeans

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