Tori Spelling is under pressure

Tori Spelling attributes her new gaunt figure to the pressure of being thin in Hollywood. Spelling says there’s so much media scrutiny and hints that you’re a failure if you’re above a size 0. She tells Us:

“They scrutinize you so much. You try to be the person who says, ‘Oh, I don’t care,’ but I feel the pressure,” she told Thursday at the Pull-Ups Potty Dance Party in NYC.

“You’re out there; your picture is in every magazine. They’re looking at you from every angle, no matter what you do,” she added. “You have to be careful getting out of cars now because they shoot up your skirt. Everything has to look good, and of course, there’s pressure to do so. I definitely feel it.”

Oh, whatever. No one cares about Tori Spelling. The only pressure she feels is the doctor pressing his hands on her stomach to figure out how much fat to lipo out. My first thought when I saw new photos of Tori Spelling wasn’t, “Gosh, Tori really slimmed down,” it was, “Tori Spelling is still alive? And people still take pictures of her?” Tori couldn’t even pay a photog to hide under her car to take an upskirt shot. Suggesting it would be like shouting “fire” in a crowded theater. Even alluding to it should be an offense punishable by death.

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15 years ago

I think she actually looked better with a little weight on her. Now her head looks too big for her body.