Tracy Morgan’s apartment catches fire

In a case of life imitating art, Tracy Morgan who plays Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock blamed a malfunctioning fish tank light for setting fire to his Manhattan Trump Plaza apartment on Wednesday morning. The shark and piranha in his tank were uninjured. The accidental blaze set off sprinklers which flooded Sherri Shepherd’s apartment. Shepherd coincidentally plays Tracy’s wife on the show.

“My thanks to the New York Fire Department for their quick action,” Morgan, 40, said in a statement after the smoke had cleared. “Fortunately, the fire did not spread and no one in the building was hurt. Even the fish are okay.”

This is why I don’t have fish anymore. They’re always up to something. Every day swimming around in their tank watching me. Then one night when you’re gone they set fire to your apartment or stuff a dead hooker into the back of your car. Of course, the judge doesn’t believe you when you tell him this. But, look at Tracy Morgan. It happened to him, sort of. Who’s the mentally unstable one now gavel-man?!

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