What a great performance

katy perry manchester 06

Katy Perry’s concert in Manchester had everything. Watchmen tribute shoulder pads on top of a Snow White costume, polka dots, dancing, female masturbation. Nothing was left out. In fact, some may argue this could have been the perfect concert. I asked the homeless man who lives in a cardboard box down the street from me what his thoughts were and he said, “Bagels? Spare some bagels?” In hindsight, I probably should have clarified the question.

katy perry manchester 01katy perry manchester 02katy perry manchester 03katy perry manchester 04katy perry manchester 05katy perry manchester 06katy perry manchester 07katy perry manchester 08katy perry manchester 09katy perry manchester 10

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Jim in Cleveland
Jim in Cleveland
11 years ago

I am continually ashamed of myself for clicking over to your site two or three times a day, yet I crack up just about every time. And by just about every time, I mean any time you aren’t complimenting someone.

11 years ago

great blog and usefull info. thank you

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