“American Idol” is fixed, supposedly

Danny Gokey @ American Idol

A loose lipped staffer at American Idol is claiming the whole show is fixed and that producers have already decided who the top four are going to be. According to the insider and, coincidentally, this week’s TV Guide, Danny Gokey, Lil’ Rounds, Alexis Grace and Adam Lambert will be the finalists.

The source goes on to say that producers would prefer either Gokey or Grace win because, despite being the better singers, the other two are too similar to past winners Chris Daughtry and Fantasia. Even their back stories are similar.

They insisted that with Gokey, AI can exploit his sob story about his wife dying during heart surgery a month before auditions.

Reps for the show had no comment on the allegations but another insider is doubtful and explains that manipulating the contest would be very hard to do. “There’d have to be so many people lying for them to pull something like this off — so I doubt it’s true.”

Don’t be surprised if the next time we hear from this loud mouth, it’s on a news report about how an unidentifiable limbless body was found in the middle of the Mojave.

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