Angelina Jolie wants a new kid from India

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Angelina Jolie hasn’t finished her multi-cultural adopting spree just yet. The Sun says Angelina confided in ten-year-old Azharuddin Mohammed (Slumdog Millionaire) that she’ll be adopting an Indian orphan soon.

Angelina should just join the Babies of the Month club like I have. It was supposed to be Beers of the Month, but I marked the wrong check box. Anyway, to the foreboding quote:

In November 2006 they visited an orphanage in Pune and spent more than an hour meeting children and handing out toys.

The adoption centre’s chief said at the time: “Brad and Angelina were lovely and adore kids. Every move and every look of the couple was filled with love for our children and we were floored with their genuine affection.

“It was great excitement not only for our kids but for our staff as well.”

It would have been cool if Angelina told Mohammed she’s adopting an Indian kid and then said, “Surprise, it’s you!” and then told him she was just kidding and then pointed and laughed. Wait. Did I mean to say cruel instead of cool? No, I meant cool. Definitely cool.

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I think she is amazing. Someone will catch her eye as the kids get older and are able to send more time with their father.

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