Britney Spears wants to end the conservatorship

In a leaked voice mail made in January and posted by JFXOnline, Britney Spears calls her lawyers about ending the conservatorship and to make sure her dad doesn’t take her kids away.

“Hi my name’s Britney Spears. I called you earlier. I’m calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship that my father has threatened me several times, you know, he’ll take my children away.

I just want to be guaranteed that everything will be fine with the process of you guys taking care of everything that things will stay the same as far as my custodial time. That’s it, bye.”

Britney sounds really confused. Like they could just replace her two kids with Cabbage Patch Dolls and she wouldn’t notice until two months later when she tries to do their bi-monthly diaper change. Like the only way to explain the legal proceedings to her is through a song and dance.

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