Chris Brown is having a hard time

Chris Brown’s friend, Tyrese Gibson, says everyone should just back off of Chris Brown. He’s going through a hard time. Beating the s**t out of your girlfriend does that to people. Sure, he appears strong and almost unaffected by the incident, but “it’s really taking a toll on his spirit.”

Not only that, Chris is having a really rough time laying down tracks. Gibson continues, “It’s really hard for him to focus right now on his music, even though he really wants to.”

Aww, poor guy. We should all give Chris some space. It’s not like he left any permanent damage. Permanent physical damage, I mean. As far as we should be concerned, he’s atoned for biting, punching and choking Rihanna. As his pastor who is counseling him said, “salvation is but a jet ski away.”

Here’s Rihanna house shopping. Without Chris Brown. You can tell because of the lack of abject fear on her face.

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15 years ago

Chris Brown is a violent criminal who belongs in prison. Only the sort of enabler described in Columbine101: Lesson One would believe otherwise.

15 years ago

yeah right is he really having a hard time riding a jetski?