Chris Brown & Rihanna recording together

A short while ago, Chris Brown did this to Rihanna. Now they’ve made up and are recording a duet together. Sources tell E! that Brown and Rihanna are in a Santa Monica recording studio working on track which will go on Brown’s album to be released later this year.

This is pretty much like poking an angry lion and then when the lion takes your arm off, you keep poking it. If I was Rihanna, I’d try to record in a park or anywhere with a lot of people because recording studios are soundproof and it’s tough for witnesses to call the cops when they can’t hear you scream.

In other news, TMZ claims to know who sent Brown the three-page text about hooking up later. The same text which set off Rihanna. It was Brown’s manager who many believe to have had a sexual relationship with Brown when he was 16 even though Chris denies it. The detective’s affadavit refers to the text as “from a woman who Brown had a preivous sexual relationship with.”

Regarding Brown’s nomination for a Kid’s Choice Award. Parents have been calling Nickelodeon to remove Brown from consideration. Executives say the calls have been overwhelming and that Viacom head Summer Redstone is even aware of it. And that’s saying a lot. Summer isn’t even aware of what he had for dinner yesterday.

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