Danielle Lloyd was abused as a teenager like Rihanna

In an upcoming documentary, UK model Danielle Lloyd reveals that she too was the victim of abuse as a teen. Lloyd says she was in a two-year relationship with a guy who beat her so badly one time that she was sent to the hospital.

The glamour model admitted she thought her abusive ex was a ‘lovely, generous’ person when they first met, but she soon fell victim to his controlling behaviour.

She said: ‘He’d call me a slag. Soon he started hitting me.

‘Every time, he’d cry and say it wouldn’t happen again. Towards the end he was hitting me near enough every day.’

Following her final attack, Danielle lost consciousness and woke up surrounded by blood.

She recalled: ‘I’d been out cold for three or four minutes… there was blood all over me, all over the bed, all over the walls.’

Danielle eventually split with her ex and sought counseling. Afterward, life couldn’t have gotten better. She went on to win Miss Great Britain only to have her title stripped when she posed for Playboy. Now she dates soccer players and continues to show her tits. If Danielle can do it, Rihanna can too. One day she may even date an LT or a Tom Brady. Dare to dream, Rihanna. Just like Danielle did!

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