Deer injures Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer missed the Today show this morning because of a deer. Over the weekend, Lauer flipped over his bike’s handlebars when a deer jumped in front of him. It’s believed Matt’s shoulder popped out. Co-host Meredith Vieira joked that she hired the deer. “Just to graze him.” Cue polite laughter.

In other news, bike is now a euphemism for car, deer is now a euphemism for hooker and flipped over bike’s handlebars is code for dumped in the river. It’s like those rich Hollywood types have their own language!

[‘Today’ talk show hosts attend the 133rd Annual Westminster Dog show in New York City. Image via Splash News]

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13 years ago

Very happy to hear about Matt Lauer’s injuries. Well not very happy. Just mildly happy. Would be very happy for him to develop arthritis and suffer a lot.

Hey do you think Obama will sign his splint?

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