DJ AM wants $20 million

Travis and DJ AM

Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM is suing Learjet for $20 million in damages after surviving a plane crash in South Carolina. A crash that left four dead and two survivors including him and Travis Barker.

Goldstein is seeking $10 million for “medical expenses, lost earnings, profits and economic damages” and another $10 million for pain and suffering according to documents filed Friday.

If the case goes to trial, a jury will ultimately decide if AM gets anything.

It’s amazing Goldstein survived and it’s a shame that most of his body was burned, but $20 million is a ridiculous amount of money. DJ AM might as well ask for a unicorn and a mermaid while he’s at it. Maybe even a magic carpet that will fly him wherever he desires.

  • tranceman

    Wearing a baseball hat sideways looks stupid.

  • Dude

    Pathetic. The two most useless wastes of space survive the plane crash and now one of them is trying to cash in.
    I hope Karma hits him hard.

  • dark

    It figures that these ugly freaks are the only ones that survive. AM is a bitch cashing in.

  • Random

    how can you people claim he’s “cashing in” when he almost died. if you were in his position you would sue also.

  • DJ Jackass

    What a cunt…

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