Jennifer Aniston’s hair costs $56,000 per week

Jennifer Aniston @ UK Premiere of "Marley & Me"

Jennifer Aniston has spent an estimated $56,000 a week to have her hair stylist, Chris McMillan, accompany her on her Marley & Me tour. Chris’ job is an important one. Every day he has to quickly blow dry her hair and squirt it with hairspray. This costs $2,000 per day.

McMillan accompanied the 40-year-old on a first-class flight from Los Angeles to London at an estimated cost of over $20,000 each before being treated to a seven-day all expenses paid stay in several top hotels for around $14,000 and a second flight to Paris costing $5,600.

In addition, his daily fee is said to cost another $2,000 per day, pushing up his paycheck up by another $14,000.

$56,000 may seem like a lot, but keep in mind, celebrities have no concept of money and are incapable of doing anything themselves. If you told Aniston to style herself, she’d probably come to the Marley & Me premiere with a lollipop stuck to her hair and a chopstick jutting out from the right side of her head.

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John  Whyle
John Whyle


The studio decides whether or not. The studio pays the shot. It’s part of the promotional budget of the movie.

Grow up.


well she is definitely making her agent earn more or get something in return for her agent to provide such an expense like that, remember agents are not dumb they don’t just giving her expensive stuffs without something in return.


nice (:


What the hell? Will everyone lay off of Jen already? She is getting hammered lately over NOTHING, and it is pathetic. It is almost as if someone is out to get her with all of these attacks. Damn, how much pull does Jolie have? I bet she is paying off many of these sites to write this crap because she is pissed Jen smiled at Brad at the Oscar’s. Jolie is freaking crazy enough to do it too. She may be hot, but she is batshit crazy too.

gaby dupree
gaby dupree

Jolie does not have any need to pay anybody to get admiration as CHINANISTON does. Chin has a big industry behind her, she is the one who pays for getting fake boyfriends , and call the reportes so they can get pictures of her doing nothing, she is an untalented bitter and vindicted and needy woman who nees all the attention she can get at any cost. like this news that shows how superfitial she is that shse need to spend 50,000.00 dollars in her ugly hair, if she were a good and mature woman she will be using that… Read more »


You are Dumb :P how much you have help? I don’t tell with money but e.g. with your time?

Mary O'Donnell
Mary O'Donnell

I feel very sorry for anyone who has to spend over $56,000 to look presentable. I bet the Queen of England hasn’t spent a fraction of that her entire life, for public appearances. It really reveals deeper issues that Jennifer Aniston has regarding self confidance and self worth. You can buy jets, mansions, stylists and even famous male escorts but you can’t put a price tag on love and happiness.

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