Jennifer Aniston’s hair costs $56,000 per week

Jennifer Aniston @ UK Premiere of "Marley & Me"

Jennifer Aniston has spent an estimated $56,000 a week to have her hair stylist, Chris McMillan, accompany her on her Marley & Me tour. Chris’ job is an important one. Every day he has to quickly blow dry her hair and squirt it with hairspray. This costs $2,000 per day.

McMillan accompanied the 40-year-old on a first-class flight from Los Angeles to London at an estimated cost of over $20,000 each before being treated to a seven-day all expenses paid stay in several top hotels for around $14,000 and a second flight to Paris costing $5,600.

In addition, his daily fee is said to cost another $2,000 per day, pushing up his paycheck up by another $14,000.

$56,000 may seem like a lot, but keep in mind, celebrities have no concept of money and are incapable of doing anything themselves. If you told Aniston to style herself, she’d probably come to the Marley & Me premiere with a lollipop stuck to her hair and a chopstick jutting out from the right side of her head.

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