John Mayer wants to write a tell-all

Since John Mayer hasn’t yet fully exploited his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, he’s going to write a tell-all which would share the “intimate” details of their relationship and will be whoring it out for $10 million. According to Star, John knows “all about her obsessive exercise regime, embarrassing TV viewing habits, devotion to astrology and numerology and has witnessed the actress throw fits!” He also plans to write about that time Jennifer called him “Brad” while they were having sex.

Yea, didn’t you know? Jennifer may still be hung up on Brad Pitt. Brad has moved on with his 9 or 12 children, but Jennifer still believes that one day they’ll be together. It’s written in the stars and the tea leaves in her afternoon tea. Or is that the face of Jesus in her tea? Jen can never tell.

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15 years ago

well if john really did tell every little thing about jen then I’ll say he’s a total A$$hole why would you say those things to destroy someone else’s career and even more she’s formerly your love partner in exchange for money you totally make me puke