Joss Stone has good technique

joss stone snappers 01

Joss Stone is in some movie called Snappers. I don’t know what it’s about and I think it’s kind of old because it was released in late 2008. It currently holds no rating on IMDB so I have no idea whether it’s good or not. What’s important is that Joss Stone makes out with another chick in the movie and here are the photos. This uniformative post turned out to be quite amazing, didn’t it?

joss stone snappers 05joss stone snappers 04joss stone snappers 03joss stone snappers 02joss stone snappers 01

  • Rougelatete

    What the hell?! That is, like, the hottest thing ever. I’m a lesbian and I’m rarely turned on by anything other than physical interaction, but….DAMN! That was hot! I hope Joss Stone follows her true calling and keeps pleasuring women because that mouth was definitely not made for a man.

    • straight guy

      shut up dyke

      • alwayslaughing


  • Chan

    But there is no spark! It’s only a nice picture to look at!greetzzz

  • Hessetty

    wat da hell!!!!!!!!..da is sooooooo pathetic…

  • mmm

    mmm nice :)*

  • Manthings

    The mouth needs to be on my jimmie.

  • Manthings

    Both of them mouths need to be hitting my jimmie.

  • Manthings

    Mmmmm gimmie them mouths on my jimmie.

  • Don

    Awesome. Let’s hope someone’s kind enough to put the clip on youtube or something…

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