Kanye West has been charged

Kanye West is a baby

The LA City Attorney has charged Kanye West with vandalism, battery and grand theft stemming from an incident on September 11 at LAX where Kanye smashed a photog’s camera. Also charged is Kanye’s manager, Don Crowley. He’s facing two counts of vandalism, two counts of battery and two counts of grand theft.

If convicted, Kanye could spend 2.5 years in jail, Crowley could get 5.

I can see it now. Kanye has already enabled the caps lock on his keyboard and is about to smash it with both hands until coherent sentences start forming on his screen. By tomorrow he’ll have three paragraphs of “MPO AW;FM WAJF 9302FD SLFDAFEW” followed by one line of “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!1111!!”

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He’s got the man-boob thing going on.


If he’s currently on antidepressants or antipsychotics, one of the side effects is weight gain for many of those treatments.

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