Katie Holmes was upgraded

Katie Holmes looked stunning at the premiere of Valkryie earlier this month in Japan. Especially her long, luxurious hair which was the toast of the town. But her new look was more than just $2,983 worth of extensions. To turn her from an androgynous Tom Cruise love doll, Katie went through $10,123 worth of spa treatments and had $28,921 of tooth veneers. When all was said and done, her total cost of improvements which took 48 hours to achieve amounted to $43,000.

A small price to pay to look dazzling. Prior to this, she was just depressing to look at. Her soulless eyes staring off into the distance reminiscing about what her life was like before she was brainwashed. Now she kind of looks like she wants to be there. Almost. Good job, guys.

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