Liam Neeson released a statement

Natasha Richardson & Liam Neeson @ Gala

At the age of 45, Natasha Richardson has passed away. To put an end to all the questions, Liam Neeson released this statement.

“Liam Neeson, his sons, and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha. They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time.”

Natasha seemed like one of the few middle-aged celebrities with dignity and, yet, Sharon Stone and Pamela Anderson are still haunting this Earth without a shred of theirs. The world just doesn’t seem fair.

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So Sad It such a Tragic event I wonder if she was on some type of Blood Thinner (like Coumadin). I had a family member that died after she tripped on a sidewalk and hit her head. She was fine until about a hour after when she developed a severe headache, dizziness and nausea – went to the Hospital and died a short time latter. It was almost exactly the same way that Natasha died except she was on Coumadin. Come to find out later that what happened to her was not unheard of for people that hit their heads… Read more »

Nathlthdude, maybe..but why would she be on blood thinners? isn’t that for older people in their 70s? that sucks to just go skiing and then die hours later. sad…


you guys, any head trauma can be serious even if the person seems perfectly fine. Blood thinners can certainly make it worse but the person can still die without taking extra meds. if anyone you know hit their heads relatively hard (tripping and falling is hard enough), you should really get that person to get their head checked…


condolence to Liam is all I can say

Blemish writer, this woman just passed away tragically and left behind 2 childrena husband and family and friends that love her dearly. She was not much of a tabloid story because she had respect for herself and her family. There really is no point in cracking jokes about her being middle-aged. I would never wish death or anything on anyone but you need some lessons in etiquette and respect. Something apparently your parents didn’t tach you. That was very disrespectful to even mantion her name with the likes of Sharon Stone and Pamela Anderson, just to get a few laughs.… Read more »
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