Lily Allen is broke

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Lily Allen claims she’s getting hit hard by the recession and is “completely broke.” Allen has gone so far as to sell off her $50,000 BMW to pay her debts. The banks won’t even front her money for royalties she has yet to be paid for because no one is lending.

“I’ve been hit big time by the credit crunch. Actually, I’ve just had to sell my car because I’m so broke. I bought a car last year and that was probably my biggest extravagance. Clothes, too. I’m always buying clothes. I’m completely skint.”

“I’m waiting until I get the royalties from the (new) album and all the radio plays, but that takes about a year. I can’t even spend on credit cards. The banks will usually front your money in that kind of situation, but they are not lending at the moment, so it’s a tricky time.”

In case the music career doesn’t work out, Allen’s backup plan is to become a baker. Makes sense, I guess. Similarly, my backup plan for if I don’t make it as a millionaire playboy is to be a gigolo. I already have my own corner and everything. I’m already practicing my opening line: “You’re not a cop, are you?”

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