Lindsay is going straight to cable

lindsay lohan miami 45

That movie which was supposed to propel Lindsay Lohan back into the spotlight is going straight to cable. The production company for Labor Pains, Nu Image/Millenium Films, confirms the movie will premiere on ABC Family sometime in July this year. It will make its way to DVD a month later.

In 2004, Lohan was a rising star. Each year after that she managed to do more stupid stuff. Now her movies are going straight to cable. If you graphed her rise and fall, the line would have broken through the x-axis today to get to the negative y-axis. It’s like someone tied a rock to her career and threw it into the ocean.

Here’s Lohan in Miami earlier this month not drinking or doing drugs.

lindsay lohan miami 01lindsay lohan miami 02lindsay lohan miami 03lindsay lohan miami 04lindsay lohan miami 05lindsay lohan miami 06lindsay lohan miami 07lindsay lohan miami 08lindsay lohan miami 09lindsay lohan miami 10

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Bald Outing
11 years ago

she just can’t cut a break

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