Lindsay Lohan hates Katie Holmes

Lohan shot a Madonna-themed photo shoot which she assumed would be on the front of Glamour much like her naked Marilyn Monroe-themed shoot was the cover of NY Mag. Now she’s pissed at Katie Holmes because Glamour chose her to be the cover girl instead.

The photos of Lindsay are actually part of a spread that pays homage to American icons which other celebrities also posed for.

“Her Marilyn Monroe shoot for New York Magazine seemed to make her relevant when she did it, she thought the same would happen this time. Only she wasn’t on the cover, Katie was, and she’s mad at her now.”

Another insider says that the cover was never part of the plan. “If that was Lindsay’s impression, it was a mistake. She was always going to be inside the magazine.”

Lindsay better step up her game. As far as horny teenagers are concerned, this is very underwhelming. The only time she’s relevant these days is when she’s naked and she’s already done that. What Lindsay needs now is an even more shocking shoot. Maybe one of her spread eagle stuffing doves in her vagina. I don’t know. I’m just throwing ideas out here. What do I look like? Some fancy photographer?

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