Lindsay Lohan is a good employer

In the spur of the moment, Lindsay Lohan decided to surprise Samantha Ronson at Prive at Planet Hollywood in Vegas on Monday and as all celebrities can do, Lohan dropped everything and jetted off in her Mercedes to Sin City.

Of course, when Lindsay arrived, Ronson wanted none of it, they fought and she ran off once she finished her set. Lindsay screamed, “Did she fucking leave me?” and took off trying to chase her down.

However, in all the chaos, Lindsay forgot she had also dragged her bodyguard along for the ride. Now no one knows where he is and, yes, they’ve already checked the lost and found. A source said,

“The poor guy was last seen on the curb in front of Prive Las Vegas frantically texting on his BlackBerry, trying to find a way back to LA.”

So if anyone sees a burly looking guy with sad puppy dog eyes hitchhiking down the 15, maybe you can give him a ride and pray to god you didn’t actually pick up a serial killer.

The header photo is of them at Passion Nightclub Redux.

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15 years ago

Picture looks like Pete Doherty

15 years ago

that’s hilarious! how do you lose a bodyguard? and also, he must not have been a good bodyguard to have lost his client. although lohan’s pretty skinny and easy to lose…