Megan Fox is addicted to the sex

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox recently announced that she and Brian Austin Green were over, but just the other day they were spotted together hanging out. If you’re wondering if there was a sexy reason for this, congratulations, you’re in luck. According to Star:

For the first two days after their split, it appeared Megan had relocated to a nearby hotel, a source tells Star. “But she returned both nights to stay over with Brian!”

So why can’t they stay away? Despite their problems, they have a superhot sex life. “They’ve had problems with every facet with their relationship — except in bed,” says a friend.

I can relate. Women are always impressed by my sexy bedroom moves and are never able to leave. Not once has there been a complaint. So what if most of the time they’re bound and gagged? I don’t think that’s really relevant to this conversation, mister.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
11 years ago

I see Victor, you use chloroform as part of your bedroom appeal too.
Rub a little on the pillow and a dab or two on the boys, you’ve got a warm sex doll.

Trust Funder
Trust Funder
11 years ago

I spent 2 years in a relationship after it was completely over because it was the best sex I’d had in my life. And we had it every day. I heard dude is packing as well so it’s not really hard to fathom if he knows what he’s doing.

11 years ago

Its ALL a publicity stunt! She just wanted attention

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