Megan Fox single until next news report

Megan Fox goes shopping

Remember when Megan Fox broke up with Brian Austin Green, but then later was seen doing everything with Brian Austin Green, leading everyone to suspect she was still with Brian Austin Green? Well, turns out she may still be broken up with Brian Austin Green.

Ted Casablanca of E! says Megan Fox has moved out of her shared Hollywood Hills home with Brian Austin Green and checked into a hotel.

Oh, sure. She’s broken up. Now. Yet, when I follow her into the ladies room and ask if she’s single, she always says “no”. How convenient. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she was trying to avoid me.

Here are those photos from yesterday just because.

megan fox sunset 01megan fox sunset 02megan fox sunset 03megan fox sunset 04megan fox sunset 05megan fox sunset 06megan fox sunset 07megan fox sunset 08megan fox sunset 09megan fox sunset 10

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11 years ago

I can’t stop saying this she is so hot..

Al Pelaez
Al Pelaez
11 years ago

You are so beautiful. Keep smiling.


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