Mekhi Phifer is understanding

Mekhi Phifer has somewhat excused Chris Brown’s actions by blaming it on his youth. Phifer told E!:

“People make mistakes—and while I don’t condone what happened that night, you know, what Chris did to her—I remember being young, 19, and at that age it seemed like everything was so over-the-top, and everyone’s so passionate about things at the age,” Phifer told us at this weekend’s World Poker Tournament Invitational at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.

Phifer is right. 19-year-olds are prone to being impassioned. That’s what led to Chris Brown beating the crap out of Rihanna. Not the fact that Brown’s warped idea of conflict resolution consists of a straight right followed by a left hook. No, no. The only crime Chris is guilty of is caring too much.

[Mekhi Phifer at halftime of the LA Lakers game. Image via Splash News]

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