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As you may have heard, Natasha Richardson suffered a brain injury after falling at a ski resort. Now, more details have come up in the past few hours that clarify what exactly happened. According to a source, Richardson was at a private ski lesson on the beginners trail not wearing a helmet when she fell down. Richardson did not hit anyone and was “laughing and joking as she walked to her room on her own.” There were no cuts, bleeding or external signs of injury.

An hour later, however, Richardson started getting headaches. She was sent to a nearby hospital and then transferred to the ICU of Sacre Coeur Hospital.

The seriousness of her injury is not known, but Page Six reports that she is brain dead. Granted, no one has confirmed Page Six’s report.

If the brain dead report is true, that sucks. Especially when you consider it happened on the beginner level. If I was ever brain dead, I’d want it to be from doing something cool like saving a bunch of babies from a burning house or having sex with too many Playmates. Things I don’t want to be the cause of it include: baking a pie, cuddling with my stuffed animal or spraying canned cheese into my mouth after I finished masturbating.

Update 12:02 PM: The hospital says Richardson is not brain dead but suffering from brain swelling. She is currently sedated and being transferred to NYC.

Update 3:00 PM: TMZ says they can’t confirm reports that Richardson is only suffering from brain swelling.

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coffee maker
13 years ago

Natasha was certainly memorable as an actress; i loved her in the Parent Trap and the White Countess… RIP

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