Natasha Richardson was dead, now alive, but still brain dead?

Fox News was reporting that Natasha Richardson was being transferred to New York City before she was to be taken off life support. No word on if that happened or not, but doctors suggest she may have suffered from “talk and die” syndrome.

Both her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, and her sister, Joely Richardson, were seen visiting her.

Meanwhile,  Time Out New York and OK! Magazine both prematurely reported Richardson’s death. OK! quickly took their post down and TONY issued a statement that said it was just semantics and being brain dead is basically like death.

Of course, the TONY statement didn’t sit well with the internet’s bastion of integrity, that jackass Perez Hilton, who lashed out at the publication insisting that they should be “ashamed at their irresponsible journalism!”

Wow, did that big doofus just say that? Because he’s right for once. TONY should be ashamed. How will Perez Hilton ever gain credibility when he’s copy & pasting false information? Why you gotta make him look bad, huh, TONY?

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Credit Cards UK
13 years ago

Such a shame.

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