Pamela Anderson’s makeover Pt. 2

Pamela Anderson is offended

Pamela Anderson has been looking really haggard lately. The fact that she puts on makeup with a makeup gun doesn’t help either. Not even fairy tales could capture the horror of Pamela Anderson’s face. That’s all changed, sort of.

Pamela got a makeover or under. Light make-up coupled with a new haircut. She looked relatively normal. From far away. If you were anywhere within five feet, you could still see the “WTF” face she’s developed over the past few years. It looks like she’s constantly offended.

pamela anderson muse 01pamela anderson muse 02pamela anderson muse 03pamela anderson muse 04pamela anderson muse 05pamela anderson muse 06pamela anderson muse 07pamela anderson muse 08pamela anderson muse 09pamela anderson muse 10

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