Paris’ boyfriend got into a fight

Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were involved in an altercation with a bouncer at Fontainebleau in Maimi. At around 3 AM, Paris went up to the DJ, currently spinning techno, to request a song she could dance to such as Madonna or Black Eyed Peas.

Realizing her requests were absolute garbage combined with the fact that this was Paris Hilton, his bodyguard pushed her. Doug’s body filled with manly testosterone and he, probably feebly, told the guy to not touch her. Doug told Radar, “I came to Paris’ aid.” The two fought, cops were called and when all was said and done, Doug went home with a bloody lip. No charges were filed. That must have been one mean bitchslap to keep him quiet.

Paris whined, “I can’t believe someone would do this to us, it’s really scary” Because, don’t you know, Paris is royalty and everyone should grovel at her feet even though she looks like all those other club girls that want to screw the DJ. Knowing Paris, she was probably trying to give the DJ a handjob and he wasn’t down with that.

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13 years ago

What an idiot Paris is… little does she know that the Winter Music Conference is going on down there. 90% of the DJs playing there this week are Electronic DJs. Madonna? LMFAO!!!!

Federico Zarco
13 years ago

Federico Zarco. Surreal Artist. Salvador Dali.

Federico Zarco
13 years ago


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