Rihanna and Chris Brown are taking a break

Remember when Chris Brown punched, choked and kicked Rihanna? Apparently that was enough bring about a temporary break between the two. Oh, I know. So extreme, right? E! says it’s not a formal break-up, but the two have decided to put some space between themselves. Preferably an arm’s length worth of space for Rihanna.

Last Thursday, Rihanna flew to New York City, where she, Brandy, Beyoncé and Jay-Z reportedly enjoyed a quiet dinner together at the Spotted Pig Friday night. Then on Saturday night, she dined with friends at Da Silvano.

Meanwhile, Brown has remained in Los Angeles. Sources tell E! News that the “Kiss Kiss” singer has spent the entire time working on his album, most recently at the Record Plant in Hollywood.

“He’s just putting ideas down for some songs he wrote,” says a Brown source. “He needs to feel like he’s moving forward.”

In all fairness to Chris, he did his time. At Diddy’s mansion. Riding his jet ski. What more do you expect him to do? Get on his knees and beg? Don’t you think that’s a little much? All he did was bite her ear and send her to the hospital. It’s not like he killed her dog? Did he? I don’t think so. Stop being so hard on the guy. Rihanna wasn’t the only one injured in that fight, you know. Chris Brown was too. Well, his fist hurt for, like, thirty minutes after, but it was an intense and alarming pain such as when you stub your toe. Still, you don’t see anyone going up to Chris and asking if he was alright or taking photographs of his injuries. Mostly because he fled the scene before cops arrived, but still, you get the point.

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14 years ago

new song titles for chris brown’s new album..”I Beat a Woman (and it feels so good)”, “Oh no you din’t!” and can’t forget the slow jam, “I Wanna Rock Yo Body (then beat it black and blue)”

14 years ago

well I wouldn’t be surprise about this now would you? of course they would break up eventually beating up your girlfriend is the action it is actually stronger than words meaning break up if you don’t believe me go ask Rihanna

14 years ago

You guys are such fucking idiots, get a life, and please don’t hit ya wife. DUMB ASSES.