Rihanna made an appearance

For her first public appearance since being beaten, Rihanna hit up Coco de Ville in Hollywood yesterday to celebrate her belated 21st birthday with a few friends. She partied until 4 AM before speeding off in a red pickup. Club-goers say she was wearing sunglasses the whole time. Probably to cover up the bruising or possibly because only cool people wear sunglasses indoors. It’d be pretty hard to navigate to the bathroom in a darkened club with those things on when you’re drunk. $20 says Rihanna thought the sink was the toilet. Another $20 says no one said anything because they felt sorry for her.

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15 years ago

the minute she returned to the woman beater i lost all interest in her. i don’t want to read, listen or hear about her cause she is beneath all the ordinary women like me who manage their self esteem and their much more difficult lives much better than her. she’s someone we all pity. i d rather look up to someone else than can give me some much needed inspiration in my every day life and can really look up to and identify with.