Rihanna will testify if she has to

Rihanna @ Spirit Life Awards

Us has learned that Rihanna is “planning to do everything that the law requires her to do” in the Chris Brown case. This means that if the court requires Rihanna to testify, she will. Rihanna wants the trial to be “quick and expeditious” so she can get back to her life and career.

$10 that Rihanna will take the stand and tell the judge that the beating wasn’t that bad and that falling face first to the pavement while unconscious is what did most of the damage. I mean, a little Cover Girl makeup and you can barely see anything.

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P.P. Douglas
11 years ago

“if” she has to… Also, first.

Herman Bumfudle
11 years ago

the only way that rihanna may have to testify is if her parents are called upon to tell the court what rihanna told them about the chris brown attack.

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