Shauna Sand is fashionable

Wow. Even when fully clothed, Shauna Sand is offensive.
shauna sand topless 11

There are more important questions here than just “Why is Shauna Sand shopping for shoes virtually topless?” For example, where can I get those darling snakeskin boots behind her? Do you have them in my size? Can you check in the back? It’s ok, I don’t mind waiting.

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11 years ago

Take off the slutty eye make-up, dress her down in jeans and a white T with some asics shoes on, and she is smoking hot MILF. I’d hit it so hard I’d see stars. And then I would do it again. She may be desperate, but she is still how, despite the horrible clothes and make up.

11 years ago

She’s a COMPLETE mental deficient- BUT the body is PUMPIN’- I f**k every orifice twice … 3 times in the cornhole!

Appreciator of Female Beauty
Appreciator of Female Beauty
11 years ago

No, she’s a very smart lady. Her IQ is officially 120 which is 20% higher than the average person. And her SQ (sex quotient) is off the scale. I love her clothes too. How are they horrible? And how is she desperate? You haters are just jealous because your girlfriend/wife is ugly.

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