There will be blood

It’s safe to say OctoMom’s octuplets won’t be going home to a house full of love. A video blog on Radar, a re-branded National Enquirer, not only reveals that Nadya Suleman’s kids slap her in the face, bite and pull her hair, but that her new kids are entering the lion’s den. Suleman says the older six children are already jealous and “when a friend showed the kids a picture of their new siblings, they hit the picture.”

Nadya better dress the octuplets up in chain mail and give them maces to defend themselves with because her six kids are about to pull a Chris Brown on them. By the time the octuplets turn two, they’ll think it’s customary to say “hello” by punching the other person in the gut.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

That’s one creepy bitch! If she get prego again they need to hire Chris Brown to falcon punch her in the stomach. Instant-Abortion.

John M
John M
15 years ago

Great, Capt Whats-your-name. Kill the babies because the mother’s nuts. Nice.