Things missed

Bruno given a NC-17:  The MPAA gave Sacha Cohen’s upcoming Bruno an NC-17 due to an anal sex scene with a man on camera and another where Bruno goes hunting and sneaks into the tent of one of the other hunters naked. Those close to the film say Cohen is still experimenting with the film and that two different versions had successful screenings. Universal won’t release the film with an NC-17 so it’s up to Cohen to cut it to an R. Scenes that can be cut according to the MPAA? The ones with that gay guy.

Tim Allen has a new baby girl: You can tell Allen is no longer famous because he named his daughter, Elizabeth. Had he been an A-lister, he would have smashed his hands into his keyboard and named her whatever showed up on the screen.

Ashley Biden caught doing coke on camera: A friend of VP hopeful Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, is supposedly shopping around a video of her doing blow at a party. They wanted the NY Post to pay $2 million for it. The Post said no. They adjusted their asking price to $400,000. The Post said no. They discussed it and then said, “I’ll suck yo dick for a dollar.” Suffice to say, they weren’t very good negotiators.

Madonna’s adoption is delayed: Mercy’s grandmother is stalling the adoption process. She claims Madonna is stealing the child. Madonna responded by cackling and shouting, “I’ll get you my pretty!”

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