This is uncomfortable

miley cyrus jogs 06

Miley Cyrus spent the day jogging with her boyfriend, Justin Gaston, 20, in what seems to be the most inappropriate workout attire you could think of for a 16-year-old. Is she running in Daisy Dukes? Is she even wearing a sports bra? Can you exercise like this? Are these pictures even legal to look at? I hope so. I can’t go back to jail, man.

I think a good way to find out if pedophiles live in your neighborhood is to have Miley jog through it like this. You’ll be able to spot them because they’ll be the ones who’ll be following her in a cavalcade of ice cream trucks and blacked out vans.

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11 years ago

Doesn’t that chafe?

11 years ago

The thing that irritates me most: she is wearing Nikes. You DO NOT run in Nikes, it’s just bad

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