Tyra Banks causes pandemonium

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A casting call for Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model turned into utter chaos on Saturday leaving six women injured and two women and one man charged with inciting a riot. Models, all under 5’7”, were lined up overnight in order to get a crack at being on the show next season when someone saw an overheating car and yelled, “There’s a bomb!” NYDN describes:

Soon after, a black BMW with smoke pouring out of its hood pulled up in the street near the line, sending the sea of underdressed women scrambling to get away.

“The metal barricade fell down,” said Kiara McCarthy, 19, of Levittown, L.I. “All of a sudden we heard this roar from behind us and we looked behind us and there’s a wave of people falling on top of us.”

Gabrielle Rose, 25, said several women started crying out in pain.

“We all fell on top of each other,” said Rose, of Scranton, Pa. “People were squished against the wall, screaming, ‘I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!’ “

Before that, it was an all around sexy day. Aspiring models were told that they would lose their spot if they stepped out of line. One hopeful said she had to pee in a cup and change her clothes in the street. Other women started fainting from being pressed up against the wall.

Man, this story has everything. Hot women under 5’7”, nudity, models fainting without being drugged and a stampede of sexy ladies. If they had all been running in the direction of my house, this would have been the greatest story every told.

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14 years ago

Riots, Tsunamis, Cocaine, Bulimia…being a model is dangerous business…