Vin Diesel dropped by publicist

vin diesel premiere 07

Vin Diesel decided to not show up to a day-long junket for his new Fast & Furious 4 film. Any attempts to reach him were ignored. It was only when an exec from Universal contacted him that he picked up. Diesel used the “I’m sick” excuse and ended up arriving four hours late to do two hours of press. Witnesses say he “didn’t even look sick.”

As a direct result, Diesel’s publicist at 42 West say they no longer represent him. As they should. Vin Diesel’s last big “hit” was The Pacifier in 2005. Being a diva is only tolerated if your movie is pulling insane numbers at the box office. As it stands, the only thing Diesel should be getting away with is using a lower grade wax on the director’s car. Although, even that might be pushing it.

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