Barron Hilton wants to get this s**t started

Living far too long in the shadow of his older sister Paris, Barron Nicholas Hilton, 19, wants to start his own career as an international singer-songwriter. The only problem is that he comes from the same genetic stew as Paris and Nicky Hilton.

“I want to be an international singer-songwriter,” he tells Page Six. “I’m sick of all the Hilton stuff, where all anyone cared about was whether I was doing coke in the bathroom or how many [bleeps] I was sleeping with. I’m done with partying and traveling. It’s time to get this [bleep] started.”

What a charming young man. I’m sure his personality alone will win him a lot of fans. And if it doesn’t, maybe the reality show he’s developing with Viacom will. A tv show just like The Hills, but real. So, pretty much scripted like The Hills only worse.

“A lot of that stuff is pre-setup or re-setup. This is gonna show the meetings, the production side, the recording side . . . I just want people to say, ‘Wow, this song really moved me, or made me cry.’ “

The only way Barron Hilton’s song will make people cry is if the Hilton gene skipped a generation or he punches whoever is listening to it in the nuts and I don’t see the first option as very likely.

If you’re wondering what’s up with the header pic, that’s Barron Hilton being bailed out of jail last year by friends after getting a DUI. [Image via Splash]

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