Beyonce’s board feed leak was a hoax

TMZ found the guy who doctored the supposed audio of the board feed from Beyonce’s performance on The Today Show. They’ve cleared her of all bad singing charges and have vindicated Beyonce’s dad, Matthew Knowles, who, earlier, released the statement:

If no one took the time to look at the biggest Inauguration in the history of America then shame on them.

If no one took the time to listen to Beyonce sing ‘America the Beautiful’ and ‘At Last’ at the Neighborhood Ball for the first dance of President Obama and the First Lady, and they question Beyonce’s vocal ability, they’ve gotta be an idiot.

At 12 years into her career, the last thing someone should be questioning is her vocal ability.

That would be like questioning if Kobe Bryant could shoot a jump shot. The vocals were obviously altered.

That puts to rest any questions of Beyonce’s vocal ability, but raises another, more important question. After I made fun of Beyonce and compared her singing to auditory death, do you think she’d still have sex with me? I didn’t really mean what I said. I was, um, joking. Yea, heh heh heh.

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