Chris Brown might walk

Those puppy dog eyes aren't going to get you out of this one, buddy

That leaked photograph of Rihanna may be used to get Chris Brown off. Ha! Like it hasn’t already. Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, will argue that the case should be dismissed because the leak demonstrates “outrageous governmental misconduct.” Meanwhile, a bloodstained Gucci gown was taken into police custody as evidence.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg today set a preliminary hearing for May 28 on Brown’s double felony caseā€”the result of Geragos pushing for as late a court date as possible to allow him adequate time to respond to the still-pending investigation into just how Rihanna’s police photo was released.

Should the gruesome photos’ appearance prove to be the result of a police transgression, Geragos told E! News that he will move to have Brown’s entire case dismissed.

There’s overwhelming evidence that Chris Brown beat Rihanna. Yet, the biggest piece of evidence may be used to dismiss the case just because everyone has seen it. Makes sense. It’s like that time I set a homeless guy on fire and the news stations broadcast the crime scene photos. Case dismissed!

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Dale Archer
13 years ago

If Chris Brown walks, what are we teaching society? The fact that it appears they’re getting back together isn’t a good sign either.

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