Chris Brown pleads not guilty

Chris Brown pled not guilty to assault and making criminal threats. Rihanna was not present at the hearing in LA today, but Chris’ friends and bodyguards were there praying he didn’t get thrown in jail and leave them without income.

Outside the courthouse, Rihanna’s lawyer told reporters that she wanted the case over quickly. Reading between the lines, this means a plea bargain for Chris. While Rihanna is willing to testify, she still does not want it to go to court.

They should dole out justice like the olden days. By that I mean, in order for Chris to be forgiven, he needs to retrieve a mystical artifact from a temple of doom. Wait. Am I confusing olden days with Indiana Jones again?

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15 years ago

rihanna wants an early ending to the trial, or else chris brown will have a few harsh words for her.

15 years ago

The people praying at the courthouse – Chris Brown hired them? That’s funny. He pays his bodyguards to pray and evidently hires other people to pray for him too.

Is he still going to anger management classes? How’s that working for him?

As for beating Rihana’s ass I don’t feel that was a crime. But I’m totally OK with Brown going to prison for it. He does have the complection for the connection.