Fear not

megan fox marmont 03

Whew, I was about to jump off the Megan Fox bandwagon yesterday when she left the salon, but now I’m back driving it. Last night, she headed to Chateau Marmon looking gorgeous and grabbing her crotch. I’m not sure what that was all about or why she left with a woman wearing a table cloth, but I would hit that so hard and at so many angles you’d need to see into the fourth dimension just to see what I was doing. The jaws of life couldn’t even get me off of her.

megan fox marmont 01megan fox marmont 02megan fox marmont 03megan fox marmont 04megan fox marmont 05megan fox marmont 06megan fox marmont 07megan fox marmont 08megan fox marmont 09megan fox marmont 10

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