Heidi Montag finally considering Playboy

It’s finally happened. No one is paying Heidi anything to show up places. They’re probably threatening Spencer and Heidi with death if they do show up. What’s a married couple to do for money? Why, pimp Heidi out of course.

Life & Style says Heidi Montag is currently in talks with Playboy to pose. Spencer really, really wants her to do it and is attempting to negotiate a $500,000 deal for her.

That’s going to be hard. Currently, the two offers on the table are a foot long sub from Subway or an extra value meal from McDonald’s. It’ll take real skills for Spencer to negotiate up from there. Maybe if he starts with $1 billion he can whittle it down to where Playboy is willing to throw in two apple pies. I think he should take that deal.

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