I hope they catch swine flu and die or have really bad diarrhea

spencer pratt heidi montag wedding 13

Spencer and Heidi are on their honeymoon right now in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. You know, that place where frat boys go to get girls drunk and trick into having sex with them. It’s also known as the hotbed for swine flu. That new infection everybody is worried about even though the regular flu is just as bad.

However, Us says they’re not there for their honeymoon, they’re there to shoot a music video for Heidi for her single “Sex Ed.” Spencer brought his boombox and Wal-Mart camera and everything. That boy is prepared, I’ll give him that much.

If everything goes according to plan, they’ll get swine flu in two days and not be allowed to come back to America. Mexico can have them. Suckers! No take backs!

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