Jay Leno checks into hospital

Jay Leno canceled the taping of The Tonight Show yesterday due to what some suspect was food poisoning. Leno was driven to the hospital and is doing fine. He was even running his monologue by hospital staff which is why a collective groan could be heard coming out of the building last night.

Friday’s show has also been canceled with Jay expected to return on Monday.

Whatever. I smell a conspiracy. Jay Leno probably isn’t even sick. I bet it finally happened. His chin killed a kid just to watch it die. He must have went to hold a baby like the president does, only, when he went in for the hug, his chin pressed the soft spot on top of their head and killed them. That’s why he rushed to the hospital. On the bright side, he finally remembered that hilarious dead baby joke.

[Image: Splash News]

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Black Walnut
Black Walnut
15 years ago

His chin killed a kid….I can’t stop laughing. I soooo needed that laugh. I’ve officially bookmarked the Blemish.